Writer 관리자 Date 2012-09-28
 Title Why Korea-An Ever-Growing Nation
 Content An Ever-Growing Nation

1.A Country with Dynamic Energy

Just 60 years ago, Korea was a country devastated by war and poverty. The elements that have made Korea a key player in the international economy include aid from the international community, Koreans¡? devotion to work, the steady efforts of successive governments to open up its economy and corporate efforts to innovate and enhance their international competitiveness. Between 1970 and 2011, Korea¡?s GDP grew by more than 144 times, from $8.1 billion to $1.16 trillion. Between 1961 and 2011, Korea¡?s GDP per capita grew by more than 280 times, from $82 to $22,778. So far this millenium, Korea has achieved an average annual economic growth rate of about 4.5% and maintained strong economic vibrancy.

2.Rising in the International Community

The Seoul Summer Olympic Games in 1988 helped Korea become known worldwide. In 2002, Korea co-hosted the World Cup with Japan. And in 2018, Korea will play host to the Winter Olympics. All of these are indications that Korea has emerged as an important player in the international community. Korea also held the 2010 G-20 Summit in November of 2010, leading discourse about global political and economic issues. In the same year, Korea joined the OECD DAC (Development Assistance Committee), becoming the first country to go from being a foreign aid recipient to an aid donor.

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